Weight training for Kids

As we now have more kids and teens who are thinking about starting CrossFit it is a raised question for us as coaches about them lifting weights. Parents may have heard rumors that weight training can stunt growth and is dangerous for their children.
The concern is that weight training can injure the areas of the bone that grow (the growth plates) and limit stature. There is no evidence that high-impact sports like gymnastics, soccer, football, and basketball harm growth plates. The same is true for weight training.
There is a risk of injury from lifting more weight than one can control. Therefore what is very important it that we teach them proper technique before they lift weights, our coaches are experienced and know what they are doing and there will be a build over a period of time. In other words, the weights and machines can cause direct blunt trauma if not done properly however the health benefits of lifting weights outweigh the risks. Weight training can improve strength, confidence, coordination, psychological well-being, and healthy weight. Weight training strengthens bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, thereby decreasing the risk of injury to these structures.
The key is understanding how to safely lift heavy weights and the potential dangers of a weight room.
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